Cross-body Mini Purse D.I.Y.

Today I am making purses!  Over the years, I’ve purchased so much fabric it’s shameful.  My sewing “area” (2 rooms and a closet) is even worse.  Whoever said clutter saps productivity was 100% right!  I can’t get anything done when I’m staring at a huge mess that needs to be tackled before I can even BEGIN a project.  This is why I’ve decided to get over my, always dreaded, re-acquaintance with my sewing machine(s).  Yes, I have 2.  Sewing is another hobby into which I’ve dumped obscene amounts of money.  But I plan on changing that and actually working through my stash.  The pattern I’ve settled on to start with is from Sew4home and it’s their zip zap mini pouch.

Making of the Bag

Okay, so here’s another post that covers EVERYTHING!!!  If you’ve thought of it, Sew4home has touched on it or pictured it in their article.  Plus, they are very helpful along the way if you should have questions.  This site is nothing if not organized.  Since she has so many pictures of all the steps, I won’t post many.  In the article, it’s stated that this project can be considered a stash-buster.  Since I have so much fabric, my “stash” pieces are fairly large.  I also have enough to keep making these as long as I keep a supply of zippers.  I didn’t have any cute zippers to start with so I’m ordering cute metal zippers with heart pulls! 🙂  With nieces and my daughters’ friends, I have plenty of little girls that would be happy to take the finished products off my hands.

All fabric

Love those pins! I purchased them at Hobby Lobby.


One thing I do differently is to draw my sewing line.  Yes, this adds a bit of time.  But, I end up with straighter seams and I don’t have to worry about NOT sewing with the proper seam allowance.  Just be careful to use something that will wash off, won’t bleed through your fabric or be seen on the right side.  I usually use a pencil or tailors’ chalk.  **I will be adding bias tape along the edge (interior) as finishing since I don’t like the raw edges inside.  I’d recommend a wide tape to catch everything.

Seam allowance

Onto the Project

Just a couple steps I want to stress and one that I use with every pattern I print.  Make sure to print your pieces before starting and triple check that your printer is printing at actual size or 100%!!! If you miss this step then your final item won’t be sized properly.  Once all of your pieces are cut out, trace them onto cardstock or poster board.  Then, cut them out and you’ll have sturdy enough pieces to use for multiple projects.

Zip zap mini back close

Aside from that, I will add my 2 cents about pressing.  I HATE it…but it’s a necessary step for your project to look finished and professional.  There’s no feeling worse (okay, slight exaggeration) than guessing at whether or not to be offended if someone asks “did you make this?”.  If you take the extra steps to press and use any interfacing recommended, you’ll be well on your way to being confident about your work.

My husband was sweet enough to buy the Oliso iron for me.  It’s every bit as good as I’d imagined and makes ironing much faster.  Of course, this was after using a cheap iron from a big box store, so I don’t have much to compare it to.  I’ve heard stories of beloved irons being passed down (really?!!?) and how well they perform(ed).  I guess I’m not all that passionate about wrinkle free clothing.  Maybe the prospect of ironing clothes for 7 people makes me appreciate that lived-in look.  But I digress.

**This is NOT an affiliate post and I’m not being paid for my opinion of the product.  I saw this iron being used in a quilting video, although it was the yellow one, and wanted it ASAP!  Why, you ask?  Because it “stood up” on its own… I’m not proud of that, but that’s the truth.  So now I have to remind myself not to stand the iron on its heel after use.  All I do is pull my hand away.  Genius, I know.

Comment below and tell me what sewing gadget you can’t live withouth.  I’m always looking to add to my collection. 🙂


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