D.I.Y. Fold Over Clutch

Clutches, bags, pouches…whatever you want to call them, I LOVE them.  I like buying them and making purses is so much more fun.  Having control over the patterns/textures and colors is such a great thing.  I know my style is not preferable to many, but I like color and I’m not afraid to use it.  This fold over clutch by Flamingo Toes is no exception.  When you go to her site, the colors automatically pull you in.  I knew I had to make one, so I browsed my scraps and happened to find 3 prints from the same line.  It was meant to be 

Foldover clutch

It’s Clutch

Now, I was not “permitted” to buy new fabric for this project so I’m making due.  I like my fabric choices though, so I’m not going to complain.  For this project I used:

  • clear ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • mat
  • 16″ zipper (12″ is all you’ll need)
  • fusible fleece (I asked, and low-loft batting will work just fine)
  • mid-weight interfacing
  • fabric (3 prints or just 2 if you want to keep your whole exterior the same)
  • thread
  • machine
  • patience…

Whenever I set out to make a project, it is a short lifetime spent finding and choosing materials.  This was no different.  The great thing about this tutorial is you don’t need to print pieces, so I saved a little time there.  After cutting my pieces, I started reading through the directions.  I don’t recommend this.  I suggest reading ALL directions (on any pattern) at least once through before you start.  Either way, I made it through the steps and it turned out pretty decent.

Fold over clutch inside

My Process

I followed all of the steps as stated and added a few extra.  First, when cutting your fabric for a project like this, ALWAYS mirror your pieces!  This is best done by folding your fabric in half and cutting both pieces simultaneously.

Second, I did not note any seam allowances stated.  By default, I always use a 1/2″ SA.  This is large, I know.  But, when working with thicker layers, I actually prefer to keep it that way.

Third, when cutting the corner pieces, it’s easiest to make (2) 4″ x 4″ squares and cut them corner to corner (like a grilled cheese) diagonally to get your triangles.  If you are using vinyl, the folding down of the edge is not necessary as the edges won’t unravel.  Otherwise, keep that step in.

Finally, you don’t have to keep the bottom of the bag open!  When you’re sewing the lining pieces and outer pieces, only leave the 5″ opening in the bottom of the lining.  This will enable you to turn your bag right side out (provided you remembered to leave your zipper open).  After your bag is turned, either hand stitch your opening closed or machine stitch close to the bottom (my chosen method).  **Side note: your zipper should face DOWN on the outer fabric when doing your “sandwich”.

I also added topstitching.

Fold over clutch full view

Iron your finished bag and admire your work!  Then prance around holding it awkwardly so your husband can see what you made 🙂

Pattern sharing is always fun, and I highly recommend it!  Leave me your favorite in a comment.  Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday, we’re making a fun little photo prop. 


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