It’s an Apron, It’s a Bib…It’s a Bapron!

I love sewing for kids and babies!  The projects are usually quick and simple.  One of my favorites right now is a bapron.  This had been floating around on Pinterest for ages and kept popping up every time I was looking for sewing for babies.  Giving in, I purchased the pattern and promptly didn’t use it.  It sat for months before I took it out to sew.  What in the world was I waiting for?? No idea.

Needless to say, it’s one of the simplest and fastest projects I’ve made.  I’m a MAJOR procrastinator, even mid-project.  Even so, this takes no time at all to make and I always make more than one at a time.  The hardest part will be choosing your fabric, and this can take me forever…

Bapron girl

Bapron boy

Cut it Out

Let’s be honest.  I know some adults (cough cough, me…) who could use one of these.  Since these don’t come in my size, I’ll settle for making ridiculous amounts for my son.  One to match each outfit isn’t excessive right?  So, first things first.  BUY your pattern (linked ↑).  Then comes the fun stuff, picking out fabric!  I can get lost in the fabric store, and I’m sure my husband has thought I have.  **You can use flannel, but terry cloth would work just as well for a backing.  Also try a laminated cotton for the front to make this wipeable.

After you print your pieces and trace them onto poster board, cut and iron.  I keep my iron set to cotton, so to iron my bias tape, which is not 100% cotton (unless you’re making your own), I put it under a piece of the main fabric so I don’t have to change my setting.  Now that everything is cut, let’s get sewing.

Bapron all cut

Smock it Up

Assemble your bapron pieces with wrong side together (meaning your pretty side will be facing you and the table respectively).  You can baste as the pattern calls for, or, take the lazy route like me and don’t… I figure I’m going to have to pin anyway so I just make it happen all in one step.

With the bias tape, Don’t panic!  No matter how many times I’ve made this pattern, I always think the tape for the armholes is just not going to make it around.  Trust the pattern.  As long as you’ve measured correctly, it will be okay.  Promise.  Be mindful when sewing the tape around to catch both sides.  I’ve had to make a second row of stitches every once in a while when I’m not paying attention.

Annnnd, you’re done!  I told you they were quick.  The only part I don’t like is finishing the ties.  I haven’t gotten around to buying fray check, so I fold over a small edge and sew it down.  Small potatoes in the end, but my one bane no less.  Now, get busy making some bibs!  They’re great for showers, you could make a whole week’s worth of bibs as a gift set.  Embroidering these would be fun too.

Bapron girl front

Bapron girl back


Bapron ethan 1
Our bapron in action. He doesn’t even pull at it 🙂

What’s your favorite kid/baby pattern?  Comment and let me know!


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