Summer Treat Trio Painting Tutorial

Guess what!! I am really impatient and can’t wait for summer.  Yes, the kids are at home AND we live in Florida, BUUUUT…summer just isn’t the same without your friends.  So I decided to introduce summer a little early with some “fun in the sun” themed projects.  This is a super fun one and great for the kid who’s a little adventurous or the crafty parent who’s not afraid to get their hands a little dirty.

What You’ll Need

  • 3 canvases (or 1 per painting, choose one or all) any size you’d like.  I used one 7 x 14″ and two 11 x 14″.  You can find canvases at Wal-Mart pretty fairly priced.
  • Paint brushes and sponges for painting/stamping
  • Paint, all the colors of the rainbow.  My colors are just what I chose, get crazy with it or keep it simple.
  • Bowl/cup of water for rinsing brushes
  • Sheet or drop cloth to work on
  • Print your templates → Summer Treat Trio

Painting supplies

I Scream, You Scream…

Now that we have all of our tools, let’s get painting.  The first canvas we’re going to do is the dropped cone since it’s the only one with a full-color background.  Paint the entire canvas AND the sides with your desired color.  Set this aside to dry.  The nice thing about acrylic paint is it dries to the touch within 20-30 minutes.  But, just to be on the safe side, we’ll leave this one until the very end before we finish it.

Summer trio painted canvas

The drippy popsicle is next.  Grab your template and trace (LIGHTLY) anywhere you’d like.  Angle it, keep it straight, lie it down…whatever makes you smile.  Overlay your top “dripping” piece and trace your line for this.  Line up the stick with the bottom of your popsicle and trace.  Now you’re ready to paint.  I recommend starting with the bar first, shell and then the stick (turn your canvas upside down for easier access).  Add your “shine” to your popsicle when dry using white paint.  Apply as many coats as needed to cover.  Now, add colorful sprinkles all over your canvas.  **You can choose to outline your paintings or not.  I like the extra pop that outlining gives them.  Take a fine brush (or a sharpie) and add black paint wherever you want to get that sketched look.

Summer trio template dipped pop drip Summer trio dipped popsicle

Lay your main template piece and trace the outline onto your canvas.  Then trace the extra piece <–.  Paint just like you’d color, outlining (with a smaller brush) first and then filling in with a larger brush.



Is there anything like watermelon that evokes visions of sitting by the pool, grill fired up and…you get the picture 🙂  Watermelon is a staple in this house for summertime snacking, so it’s only fitting that it earns a spot in our trio.  This watersicle ← (not technical, I’m sure) is bright and juicy.  Plus, you won’t have to spit the seeds out!  Again, trace your template.  Remember TRACE LIGHTLY!!  You need to be able to cover the lines easily with paint.  Paint, add black dots/seeds to the canvas and watermelon.

Summer trio watersicle

Keep calm and eat ice cream, or at least paint it.  I know some of you further north aren’t having spectacular weather, but any time is a good time for some creamy indulgence.  Trace your templates, fill with your desired colors and add the spots/design to your cone wrap.  I’m thinking a fun summer saying written on the sides with a sharpie could make the painting a little more interesting.  You can also use the sharpie, fine tip preferably, for the sketch lines if you decide to do them.

Dropped cone close crop

All Done

Let these dry for a few days and then they are ready to be displayed.  Since these are stretched canvases, you don’t need to frame them.  If your canvas is flat, you can add a mat and frame.  If you want your creation to last a lot longer, consider adding a varnish after a week or two.  This will protect your art from dust, the sun and yellowing.  In addition, the added shine will be a nice touch.  If you don’t like the gloss, satin or matte finish is available, so no worries.  Pick what suits you.

Summer trio chalkboard 1

Do you have any summer treats or projects that you do/use regluraly?


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