Bow Ties Are Cool

It seems, every time we need to get ready for a dressy event, no one can ever find a coordinating tie.  My oldest has left the house in clashing plaids because of said plight.  I would hope he’d have a bit more sense, but he’s a 13-year-old boy and coordination is just not in his sights.  I started looking around on trusty Google for some tutorials and came across quite a lot.  It can get overwhelming.  But to start, 2 seemed easy right out of the gate.

The first was logical.  It’s from See Kate Sew and I already subscribe and follow her on Bloglovin’.  Her tutorial is simple, straightforward, and detailed.  Plus, her photographs are great!  Who doesn’t love a happy couple?  I also like that she includes material options.  I’m always a little weighed down with the decision on which fabric will work for what.  While her pattern and instructions are great (will definitely use this when I can convince my husband to wear one), I needed kids sizes.  So, the hunt continued.

Pattern de Choix

I stumbled upon tie-a-tie quite accidentally, but it worked out perfectly!  They have both adult and kid sizes.  So, I printed 5 of the kid sizes and 4 pages of the adult size, on cardstock.  This way, I’d have them all ready to go for anyone who wants one.  I know plenty of adults who will want one, or twenty once word gets out that I’m making them.

So, I gathered all of my materials (such an overwhelming list!) <– sarcasm…and set out to make a bunch of bowties.  It wasn’t until I went fishing through my stash that I realized, I have VERY little fabric that caters to boys.  Pity since I have 4 in my house.  I’m planning a trip to buy some fabric soon.  My fabric shows my bias, but girls stuff is sooo much cuter!

**To save time, I skipped my time-honored routine of tracing onto cardstock.  Instead, I printed RIGHT on the cardstock so it saved me lots of time.  No more tracing, cutting and tracing again.  You’d think someone would have let me in on this ages ago…


After settling on a handful that could pass, I cut out my pieces and got to sewing.  The results were a quick, satisfactory, and above all, functional project.  Nothing makes me happier.  It’s also great that I had this pattern for reference since today was far from productive.  It was 2:30 and I still hadn’t done ANYTHING aside from having tea and eating.  On days like this, it’s nice to have something that makes you feel accomplished.


Finishing Up

After I sewed all of my openings shut and pressed the ties again, I was really eager to go put them on my boys.  The size difference between the 7-9 and 10-12 is very small.  I made the size 7-9 for my 7-year-old and the size 10-12 for my 13-year-old (he’s very thin and usually wears smaller sizes aside from length).  My youngest refused to model as he was fully vested in a game of Minecraft.  It would apparently kill him to tear away for 10 minutes.

All ready to go!
All ready to go!

Out I went with my tall, lanky, disinterested teen.  He posed awkwardly and after much coaxing.  But, once I draped the ties on my oldest, I knew they would be far too small.  So, the pattern on tie-a-tie is great for smaller kids.  I would actually just use the size 7-9 for kids up to age 8.  After that, I’d switch to the pattern over at See Kate Sew.  I’ll be whipping a few of those up tomorrow!

Best smile we could muster.
Best smile we could muster.


What’s your go to project that works up quickly?


2 comments on “Bow Ties Are Cool

  1. This looks super easy to make. I’ll probably find a way to mess it up though, I wanna make my hunni some cute bow ties. Good tutorial! I’ll post a pic when I’m finished making my bow tie. 🙂

    1. You WON’T mess it up! And please do share pictures 🙂 If you share on social media use #thepiedpifer that way I’ll see it. Thanks for stopping by.

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