D.I.Y. Flapper Style Pillow

It’s no secret that I’m a Pinterest•aholic, and I’ve found, literally, thousands of things I want to do.  These pillows were on my list because, try as I might, I could never find them to purchase.  Mine are more along the lines of a Pinterest fail, but the kids are happy with her.  My recommendation is to be more patient than I am and take your time stuffing.  I’ve never had much success with round cushions and filling them, so I’m not fully surprised.

Hopefully, you’re more talented and can make this pillow look as cute as she has the potential to be.  Now, forward we go.


  • Skin-toned cotton for face (1/4 yd)
  • Cotton for hair and a coordinating cotton for the back of the head (1/4 yd or less of each)
  • 2 pieces of yarn and 1 piece of sparkly ribbon, cut to 13″
  • Felt or fabric paint and brushes for the eyes, cheeks, and mouth
  • Felt for the feather
  • Interfacing
  • Hand sewing needles and thread (for closing bottom of pillow)
  • Embroidery floss to match cheeks if sewing
  • Stuffing
  • Large plate for tracing head
  • Spool of thread for tracing cheeks ← excuse the “super fancy” tools

After you have everything gathered, iron your fabric.  Trace your large plate onto the fabric for the face, back of the pillow, and interfacing (2 pcs).  Fuse your interfacing to the WRONG SIDES of your front and back pieces following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Flapper pillow tracing


Cut out her hair by tracing around the plate or head and stopping where you want the bangs to be.  Add some definition to the hairline and stitch across the bottom using a tight zig zag stitch.  Don’t go so low that your stitches are non-existent or so narrow that they don’t catch the edge of the fabric.

Flapper pillow trace hair Flapper pillow pin hair  Flapper pillow back of head Flapper pillow machine setting


For the face, decide if you’re painting or sewing/embroidering.  We chose to paint using Sharpie stain markers.  These b.l.e.d. like crazy!  The first time I used these, I had no issues.  I’m wondering if it’s something to do with adding the interfacing…Also, find or decide on a face you like and use it for your pillow.

I would suggest drawing your face on a piece of paper, heavily, and tracing lightly onto your fabric.  Grab your pink felt and trace your blushing cheeks onto this using your spool of thread (or whatever you used for a smaller circle).  Sew the cheeks on using a running stitch, backstitch or machine stitch.

Flapper pillow trace cheeks Flapper pillow pin headband

I printed graph paper from Printable Paper and drew my leaf design.  After drawing, cut out and TAPE to your felt piece.  This will stop the paper from sliding around when you’re trying to cut and will also make it easier to get sharp, clean lines.  Stitch the leaf to the head using a decorative stitch.  I used a longer zig zag.  Also, be mindful of the seam allowance (which is 1/4″) when placing so it doesn’t get lost in the seams.

Flapper pillow draw feather Flapper pillow cut feather Flapper pillow cut feather 2

Lay “headband” pieces on and pin them in place.  Sandwich the back of the head to the front and stitch around.  Be sure to leave an opening of about 2+ inches at the bottom for turning and stuffing.  After you sew around the edge, notch your seam every 1/2″ or so.  Alternately, use pinking shears and trim the entire seam allowance.  Turn right side out, stuff FIRMLY, not like mine, and close the bottom using a ladder stitch.  Good visual tutorial here or written here.

Flapper pillow notches
Notch your seam allowance.
Flapper pillow shears
Alternately, use pinking shears and trim entire SA.
Flapper pillow turned
Turn. Be careful of pins!!
Flapper pillow pinned
Close opening with ladder stitch.

Stuff until you think you’ve stuffed enough.  Then, stuff it some more!  I don’t want anyone to end up “aging” their pillow as I did.  Take your time with this step, she uses quite a bit of filling.

Give your pillow a once-over using the lint brush and carefully clip any filling that may have migrated too close to the seams while stuffing.  Prop her on a bed or chair and admire your work!  Even if she’s not perfect, crafting is always fun.  I always try to push myself a little harder each time and step out of my comfort zone.

What is your strength when it comes to creating?  Mine is planning, it often works out better in my head.




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