Pattern Giveaway, Short and Sweet

Hi, everyone!  I can’t believe we’re already well into June.  The time has seriously been flying by.  I’ve been busy working on my shop and am excited to share my very first doll pattern!!  She was a long time coming, though.  I’ve planned, drawn up and thrown out so many mock-ups.  It’s sad really.  However, I finally decided to bite the bullet and just do it.

Making a Pattern

I’m far from being able to offer advice on writing or designing a pattern, but I’ll get there.  This process was far more involved than I’d ever imagined.  The end result was rewarding, though.  I produced one of my best dolls and my girls were fighting over who would keep her.  It always makes me happy to see the kids excited about my creations.  And, yes, the girls did name her.  They are my design team and I have to give them credit.

I set out, cutting, measuring, taking pictures and making notes.  After 2 days of hard work and weeks of deliberation, I finally have a pattern and doll I feel comfortable sharing with the world.  Rowan was the name decided on for this little lady and we have a list of others.  So, I’ll be adding new patterns fairly regularly if I have my way.  Keep an eye on the shop.

The pattern is going to be on sale until next Friday, for 50% off.  Use coupon code NIFTYFIFTY at checkout.  I am giving away 10 copies of the pattern for the first 10 comments.  No strings attached!  Although, I wouldn’t mind photos of your dolls when they’re finished 🙂

IMG_5976 IMG_5978 IMG_5993


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