Meet our Summer Girl

Apparently, I’ve been bitten by a bug.  The pattern-making bug, that is.  I didn’t know how it would be, making my own.  Now that I have, I seem to be unable to stop!  I wasn’t planning on making a second pattern so soon, but since I have 2 daughters, I had to make another ASAP.  There was no getting away with it since they get to keep the originals.  I had to balance it out.  So, Rowan now has a friend.  Her name is MacKenzie.

With her towel and beach ball

I’ve always loved that name, but my husband wasn’t a fan.  At least now, it’s “in the family”.  Mackenzie is a fun, colorful, ready to play doll.  I was going for beach or summer theming and I almost got it right.  She initially was supposed to come with a tote bag and a book, but, I ran out of steam.  The creative juices only flowed so far the other day.  I even forgot to paint the whites of her eyes!  Good thing my “design team” was on it  Honestly, had I not received input from the girls, this doll would have turned out much different.

Mackenzie materials list

As it is, I kind of love her.  My daughter is thrilled, another project goes in my files and fabric is being used up regularly.  I’d mark this one in the win column.  I’m almost fearful of what’s to come, however.  When things go as planned for me, it always feels like something bad is going to happen.  I sabotage myself consistently.  Rushing through projects because I’ve gotten comfortable is usually my downfall.  Hopefully, I remember what it’s like and take my time!

If you haven’t already been to my shop, you should stop by and see what’s new.  I’ll be adding new goodies pretty often.  I’m going full steam ahead for a bit, so you all get to benefit.  Be sure to stop by my Facebook Group while you’re at it, and request to join.  I am building a crafty family online and would love for you to join us!

Make sure you come back Friday!  I’m doing a pattern review for a seriously cute item.  Want to know what it is?


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