Ahhh! Summer!!!

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Anyone reading my blog would know that I’ve been Jonesing for summer to hurry its little tush and get here!  Now that it’s official, I was all ready to kick back and work my way through my stash.  I’ve been powering through it as of late, and I’m quite proud of myself.  Being that I have far too much fabric, I made a promise to myself to NOT buy anything else for a while.  But, Craftsy just won’t let me!

Craftsy popsicle

I saw an ad in my email saying they have their summer sale from now until the 28th of the month.  That’s far too long for me to avoid buying something…even if it’s just a pack of charms.  I could at least get part of a quilt or a pillow out of it.  Some of the projects on Craftsy’s site make me drool.  I mean, the talent of some of these designers!  I’m just dipping my toes into quilting, but looking at some of the completed projects, makes me hesitant to do more.  I want to learn, but I’m so intimidated.  Seriously, those quilts are calling my name, and I haven’t even started picking out fabric yet…so sad .  I guess it’s time to hop to it.


Make Your Cake & Eat it Too

Not only does Craftsy have fabric, notions, classes (I have TONS in my cart), etc. but they also have cake making supplies, cupcake supplies, recipes AND baking classes!!!  My husband isn’t going to be happy about my purchases this summer, but I will be .  I’ll have to avoid showing Maya the pictures, though.  She has this crazy obsession with all things furry and these molds are too much.  She’ll be gasping and telling me all of her plans to bake something with them or use them for clay.  I think I’ve rubbed off on her just a bit…

Craftsy cake
Could those cake tools BE any cuter? And the molds??!

So, this will be the summer of crafting for us.  Ever since I’ve started feeling better (there was a long, emotional period after the baby, I’ll share more about that another time) and braved some of my crafty demons, we’re going to be non-stop this year.  I want to incorporate sewing, cooking, and any other hands-on skills into our schooling.  I really believe that they learn so much more through actual experience and there’s no better way to learn than having fun!

Hope to see you all back next week!  I have some fun projects planned and possibly a new pattern release.  Hint: she lives under the sea.  Can you guess?







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