Give me Some Sugar…Cookies

I did promise that I would post another project that wasn’t related to sewing, I didn’t promise it would be good…  My girls chose to bake.  Of course, they wanted to decorate their cookies, so we made a roll out sugar cookie.  *A note about the pictures!! I promise to work on my photography.  We had a storm today and the lighting just would not cooperate.  Some photos are also from last night.  Please forgive me! 


The cookies are Delicious!!  I’m not really a fan of sugar cookies, but I love these.  And, the almond extract is a must!  I am going to try these again with orange or lemon, I’m sure they’ll be equally as tasty.  Plus, I’ve never had much success baking sugar cookies.  These, however, baked up perfectly.  I had a few issues with the mustaches, but I kept baking them with larger shapes.  Next time, I know to bake each different shape separately.

Mixing the dough

We did most of the baking last night.  You CAN bake these right after mixing, but we got tired after a while and decided to finish up in the morning.  The dough chilled well and still softened up quickly to be used.  It only took a few minutes of kneading for the dough to be warm enough to roll out and cut.


Rolling pin with guides
Rolling pin with guides
Guides for thickness
Guides for thickness


This is only my second time decorating cookies AND working with royal icing.  I still have a LOT of learning ahead of me, but it’s fun and I plan to stick with it.  So, sorry in advance, if my cookies are sub-par.  I had some issues with consistency (I used the royal icing recipe from sweet sugarbelle) and forgot to thicken my icing to a piping consistency before adding details.  This resulted in a lot of cookies that weren’t even close to camera ready (even more so than the ones pictured).

Some of our shapes

One of my lovely assistants!

I would recommend having at least 4 of the same tip, that way you don’t have to keep switching back and forth.  This gets messy and time-consuming.  We used a combination of bottles and piping bags.  It took FOREVER!! to get all of the colors and became quite tedious after a while.  I am pretty unprepared for cookie making, but that just means I have to get the supplies!

I used separate bowls to mix colors and after flooding my cookies with color, I thickened them by adding confectioner’s sugar.  I covered the newly mixed icing and waited at least 30 minutes before piping on the details.


Quick Tutorial

I made 3 cookie designs for myself.  The first is a cupcake with a polka dot liner.  I began by outlining the edge and straight across the middle.  Then, I flooded (YouTube is GREAT for videos to show the different consistencies) the outline with my color.  To get the dots to “sink” in, I did wet on wet.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  While the black icing was wet, I grabbed my bottle and piped on some dots.  After, just outline and fill the top with whatever icing color you choose.  Allow this to dry for 30 minutes BEFORE you go on to add the dimensional detail.


I added a red dot (it’s pretty hard to see in the photo) and sprinkled it with sparkly sugar for some added interest.  I did this before any extra detail so the sugar wouldn’t stick to anything else.  Then, I outlined the bottom (liner) with black icing that was thickened to a piping consistency, and added vertical lines down the cupcake.  Outline the top of your cupcake and add a little design to make it fun.

Cookie Collage


For the Disney Mouse inspired cupcake, I just outlined half of the cookie at a time in my desired icing color.  Add your yellow (or white) for his buttons **make sure your tip is clean so there’s no color transfer like on mine… while the icing is still wet.  I was not patient with this one and it shows.  But, the kids liked it.



What happens when you DON’T let your icing dry…

The last cookie was pretty fun.  I will try again without making my icing super goopy.  I outlined waay too close to the edge and my icing started to run.  This could be because my white gel coloring was a little watery and thinned my icing a smidge.  Either way, it is still pretty cool.  I made some not-so-straight lines and then drug a toothpick through them in an S pattern.  Just back and forth.  SUPER simple!!  Now, let them cool for the next 4-6 hours (NO joking!!) and enjoy 🙂


Beautifully straight lines. Don’t be jealous.
Icing doing its own thing.

Any new baking tools I should know about?  I really, really want a Kopykake projector, but I don’t make cookies for profit so I’d have a hard time justifying it.


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