Better Late Than Never!

I think…  I’m so behind with my blogging lately.  It would seem I never mentally recovered from my rest after hurting my back.  I meant to type up my post last night and have it scheduled and ready to go.  Honestly, I had planned to always have my posts planned, photographed and scheduled by the beginning of the week.  My goal this weekend is to get myself back on track.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to do it all at once and then I’m not worried I didn’t post anything.

What I’ve been up to

A few posts ago, I talked about the summer sale at Craftsy.  I knew I wanted to buy something, but I was also on a budget.  I managed to snag some pretty good deals!  I still don’t know which fabric is my favorite, but I have plans for most of it.

I’d never seen this fabric line before, until a few weeks ago.  Then, it seemed to pop up everywhere…  It’s Girlfriend’s by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman.  I thought it was so cute and decided I’d try it out and just bought the charm squares.  It gives me enough to make a couple quilted pillows, or use it strategically with a few prints for a quilt.  Either way, it’s fun and bright, and the girls loved it.


I also ordered some canvas prints.  I have quite a few bags that I plan to make and the colors on these were so fun I couldn’t resist.  I bought two coordinating prints: Geo Pop Canvas in chevron and Geo Pop Canvas Sorbet Floral.  Each package is 3 yards!  That’s a lot of fabric for me in one print.  They still have it on sale if you want to snag a few for yourself.

IMG_6706 IMG_6704

The other I loved was this print by Cotton and Steel.  It’s intended purpose was for a dress/skirt for me, but now I’m torn.  I may order it in the coral next time and do matching dresses for the girls and I.  I just worry that this print may be overwhelming for an entire piece, so it may end up being a bunch of purses that I’ll give away.  Either way, I love this print and it’s such an easy one to match up and use with its weight being so light.

I love that all of the bigger cuts of fabric came in re-sealable bags
I love that all of the bigger cuts of fabric came in resealable bags

Okay, so I lied.  I think this Blackbeard Pirates print by Riley Blake is my favorite.  It’s so darn cute and I love that I can make these a few different projects and not have to worry about pairing it with something that doesn’t work.  I got the fat quarters, but I may have to get this by the yard.  I can see this being adorable in a short set for Ethan.  I had plans to do his nursery in nautical theme, but he ended up sleeping with us.  So, I’ll just work it into his clothing! 

IMG_6720 Riley Blake Pirates Collage


I also purchased a few quilting tools.  I feel so bad that I dropped this craft pretty quickly.  I know it’s because I despise despise (I guess I hate it) making bias tape.  That is always the point in the quilt-making process where I’m ready to throw in the towel!  Don’t even get me started on attaching it!!!  But, I’m always in love with the end results.  It truly is a labor of love to make a quilt.  Plus, I’ve had a quilt top ready to go for almost a year and I’m pretty ashamed of that.   Hopefully, I’ll get her finished by the weekend.


Make sure you stop back next week!  I promise, I’ll be more on top of my posts and we’ll get some fun reviews done.  I signed up for Stash Builder Box and am currently waiting for my first box!  I’ll do a reveal once it comes.


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