Jewel the Jellyfish: a Tutorial

Yesterday, my husband stabbed himself in the hand with a screwdriver at work!  I was kind of excited to have him home early since I figured he’d be able to supervise while I worked.  WRONG!!  Instead, he encouraged a game of toss, right past my face.  I think this is the opposite of productive.  So, his presence completely threw off my day.

That means I’m here again, typing a post same-day.  I woke up a little earlier to get my day started and I managed to get a small project ready for you.  Next week’s posts are also scheduled!  I’m getting there 🙂

The Jellyfish

I have a few under the sea characters swimming around in my head.  One was a jellyfish that was inspired by a barrette.  I thought they were really cute and wanted to make a larger one to be friends with the next pattern I’m releasing.  Can you guess what she might be?  After planning (hours!  painstakingly long, I know) and sketching, Jewel was born.

What you’ll need:

  • A Piece of felt 8″ x 10″ (You can use any felt, but I highly recommend bamboo or wool blend)
  • Scrap pieces of felt in your chosen colors for the bow
  • Scrap felt for the eye (black and white)
  • Jumbo ric-rac trim
  • Sequins
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Embroidery floss (black, pink and coordinating colors for your bow and sequins)
  • Hot glue (optional, but I used this to add the bow accents and the center)
  • Jewel the Jellyfish <–Your Template

After you’ve gathered everything, cut 2 pieces of the jellyfish front and back.  To cut your smaller pieces of felt, tape your shape to the felt and cut around.  You’ll need: (1) bow base (2) bow accent (1) bow center and (1) eye.  Once all of your pieces are cut, sew your eye on using embroidery floss and a running stitch.  To do a running stitch, make a knot in the end of your thread and start sewing from the back to the front.  Take your needle and push through your fabric a short distance away from where you came out.  Now your needle will be on the back of your project again.  Poke your needle through a little in front of your last stitch and bring it back down in the hole from your previous stitch.  It will look like dashed lines.  Cut a small half circle out of white felt for your eye shine and stitch on in the same manner. **I accidentally made the eye shine the wrong way on the template.  Just flip it over and you’re good to go.

You’ll want to lightly trace your winking eye and mouth using a pencil.  “Trace” these lines with your embroidery floss and knot at the back.  Place your bow where you’d like it and stitch on, being mindful of your eventual seam allownace.  For the accents and the bow center, you can stitch them on (I find this tedious with such small pieces) or hot glue them on.

Face Collage
Someone thought it would be fun to connect the dots on my mat…

To sew on sequins, place them where you would like them to be.  Carefully lift them, one by one, and mark with a pencil.  Remove all of the sequins and bring your needle from the back to the front RIGHT in the center of your first pencil mark.  Place your sequin over the needle and make a straight stitch over the edge of the sequin.  Come back up through the center and make another stitch.  Repeat twice more.  Do this for the remaining sequins.

Sequins Collage

Face, done!  Now grab your bottom piece and line up your tentacles.  Gently place the front of your jellyfish on top and pin the tentacles in place.  Now, pin around to make sure it doesn’t shift when you sew it.  Topstitch all around using about a 1/8″ seam allowance.  I like to use a slightly larger (1/4″) SA on the curve to make sure I catch front and back.  Clip your thread and you’re done!


Tentacles Collage

Jewel will make a cute embellishment for many projects, a fun wall hanging or an easy companion for a doll.  Go make a rainbow of jewels and meet me back here on Monday for some more fun!


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