Blogging Blues…

I’ve been having the blogging blues as the title suggests.  It’s so hard starting out and I keep feeling like it’s pointless.  Rather than being inspired by the income reports I keep reading, they’re off-putting.  I think to myself, there’s no way I’ll ever reach those levels.  Honestly, if I make anything in my work at home venture, I’ll consider it a success.

So, I did a mental reassessment and decided to keep going!  I am blogging because I WANT to and I feel like sharing what I do.  If someone reads it and likes it, that’s fantastic.  For any who are still with me, thanks for sticking it out.  I know I was a ghost last week.  Aside from being down on the whole blogging venture, I had tooth pain that wouldn’t quit.   Apparently, the new toothpaste I tried has some chemical in it that didn’t agree with me.  I’m so tempted to go the whole organic route, but it’s quite pricey.

Anyhow, I’m back and I plan to stick around.  If you haven’t tired of my drivel then we’re good 🙂  I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be posting this week.  I’m flying by the seat of my pants right now.  Next week, I plan to have my workspace organized and a game plan.  Until Wednesday, I’ll leave you with 2! projects I did a while ago.  Both are going to be re-visited in a short while as I want to do them better and/or differently.


I had been searching the internet like a mad woman trying to find some doll patterns.  I’ve seen some seriously gorgeous textile dolls and settled on trying to make one since doll-making was something I wanted to learn.  That was when I came across my first Tilda anything and fell in love!  I’ll have a post on that soon, I have quite a few of her books now.  The girls were smitten as well and I found a pattern online to use.  I won’t link to the page as it is obviously copyright infringement.  I literally opened the image, traced the pattern pieces off of the screen and stumbled through the directions.  I used bamboo felt for the insides of her ears, rolled felt flower and faux pearls on elastic cord for her bracelet.

Tilda giraffe

This only worked because full-sized pieces were provided on this site, which I don’t agree with.  I only traced the pieces because I knew I was going to buy the book (and I did), I just wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to arrive.  The first pattern I attempted was the giraffe and can be found in Tilda’s Studio.  I always buy used books, so I save quite a bit.  This book is adorable though, there’s so much in it and the CIRCUS letters are a big hit.  It turned out quite well and found a home with my mother in PA.  I made it to coordinate with her bedroom and now I need another since these are my colors as well.  A similar giraffe is on a (long) short list of things to do.  My next project will be from her newest book: Tilda’s Toy Box which I ordered internationally when it was released.  I had to wait 2 weeks 🙁  Such a hardship!  But I adore this book!!

My Second Quilt

Quilting wasn’t something I thought I would ever do.  Partly because I am very particular and don’t like the old-fashioned quilts I saw so much of.  Once I found modern quilts, I was hooked.  I slowly started learning (still am) and this was one of the first I tackled.  The pattern was wee animal quilt by Dani Miller.  When I saw this, I thought, “there’s no way this is a free pattern” and I was genuinely sad because this would be so cute!  Then I read a little and saw that it was free and I went out that weekend to buy fabric.


I’m re-doing this one because my frog (bottom left) got messed up a little.  I calculated wrong and his one leg got lost in the mix.  This was time-consuming but super easy and so worth it in the end.  The kids love it and drag it around everywhere. It’s pretty large and it’s always so fun to look at.  The next one I make will have a matching pillow as well.  I think the crab, parrot, and toucan are my favorites.


Fitting it through the machine was “fun”, not.  I had to bring in extra chairs because my machine isn’t properly equipped for quilting nor is my space.  The weight made it difficult to maneuver, but adding an extra surface to drape it on while I worked helped tremendously!


After it was all pieced and quilted, I trimmed the edges and got the binding on.  Binding a quilt ranks up there with ironing.  I think I just haven’t found the right technique yet.  Once the binding is done, I’m usually relieved and overwhelmed at the same time.  That’s a lot of willing my pieces to line up and getting my stitches to look neat both front and back.  <–In regard to this, I read that hand binding a quilt is the best way to go.  I did this once and that’s enough to say I’m okay with machine binding.  My hands and back took a while to forgive me for that one.



The quilt introduced me to drunkard’s path and now I see many more designs using this template that will make their way onto some of my quilts.  First, I have to finish the elephant.  Sadly, she got pushed aside again.

Have any of you ever felt like throwing in the towel?  What helped you push through?




4 comments on “Blogging Blues…

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, Domenica 🙂 Yes, parenting can be a huge distraction. Our baby just started walking, so I’ve lost so much time trying to keep up with him and monitor his shenanigans. But, so far I’m having a lot of fun!

  1. Oh my goodness love that quilt. It is discouraging sometimes, you devote so much time to reading and writing and reading and writing. You network and you expect the karma in three-fold. But instead perhaps a tenth of your effort shows in your follower-ship. But then over time your readers will slowly increase until you suddenly have hundreds of them, and you think, wow when and how did that happen?!

    1. Thank you! That quilt was just a doll gone wrong so I changed it into an applique. I know what you mean, I attempted to “blog” a number of years ago and that attempt was pitiful. It was literally just an online journal and I did it for about a week. I have been (and am still) excited about blogging this time around. I know it will take time, it’s just hard to keep going when it seems it leads nowhere. That’s why I changed my thinking on it and plan to keep going. I really do enjoy it 🙂

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