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As promised, I am filling you in on the Stash Builder Box I received.  It just came in the mail on Monday.  I was checking on the shipment status and did a happy dance when I saw that it was “out for delivery”!  Those are some of the most exciting words I can hear.  It’s always such a rush to get a package.  Of course, I rarely get to open them.  Literally, the kids AND my husband will fight to be the first to break into a package.  I don’t know what it is, but it makes them all act like children.  And if there’s bubble wrap?!!?!

Stash builder box pouch

So, I opened my package, slowly so I could take photos as I went.  There were some fun items in there.  Maya claimed my little pin, which I’m sure she’ll put to good use.  She actually wears or uses what she has rather than hoard it like I do.  I think my favorite thing was the notebook.  I love paper and I’m constantly writing, so this was perfect for me!!

Stash builder box notebook both sides

Stash builder box notebook inside

What good is a notebook without something to write with?  I am still a little bummed that I missed June’s box as the pencil in that one was adorable, but I still like this one.  Plus, the statement rings true…You can never have enough fabric.  I’ve seen tons of memes floating around expressing the same sentiment and my husband always rolls his eyes.  It’s a sickness, really.  I can’t pass by pretty fabric without at least contemplating buying it.  It feels like a sin.

Truer words...
Truer words…

Of course, one of the main reasons I subscribed was for the fabric.  This month’s choice was a line called Boardwalk Delight.  I received a fat quarter of 3 prints.

Stash builder box fabric bundle

I also got:

  • SBB Block of the month pattern
  • The notebook (above) which is a vintage McCall’s sewing pattern
  • Sample of SOAK
  • Pencil
  • Pin
  • Fly By quilt pattern (from Initial K Studio)
  • Thread in one of my favorite colors
  • A discount code for Fabricworm (they carry some of the cutest fabric ever!!)

Stash builder box fabric loose

Stash builder box pouch

And, we can’t forget pink paper!  I love any frills that come with purchases.  It wasn’t an obnoxious amount either.  It was there to serve its purpose, not shock and awe.  Speaking of, have you heard of a glitter bomb??  Seriously, who comes up with stuff like that?  I’d be furious if I received one, but I have a few people I’d like to “gift”.

Back to the topic!  So, what you get has been covered.  The price is $23.99 per month (you have until the 14th of each month to order), which isn’t bad.  If you sign up for a pre-paid subscription of 3-6-12 months, it’s a little cheaper.  What I like best is that 20% of the price goes toward making a quilt for children in need.  You can also volunteer to help make a quilt.  I’m seriously considering this.

Overall, I am happy with my box.  I DID cancel my subscription, simply because I already have a ton going out at the moment.  And, let’s be honest.  I really don’t need any more fabric!  I promised myself I’d work through my stash so SBB will not be an enabler for the moment.  I will re-subscribe within the next few months when I’ve sewn enough to cut down the weeds in my sewing room.

What do you think?  Is your stash begging to be festooned with some pretty pieces and random goodies?


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