Sweet Sugar and Cookies!

I can’t believe I forgot to post about my cutters!  I was so excited to get them and then it slipped my mind to share them.  I’m shocked, honestly.  They were sitting, unpacked, and I figured I’d spill the details.  If any of you bake, especially sugar cookies, it’s quite possible you’ve stumbled upon Sweet Sugarbelle.

Her site is stuffed full of tutorials, tips, recipes and all kinds of cookie goodness.  When I was looking for a royal icing recipe earlier in the month, I landed on her page and found out she had some cutters and templates on HSN!!  She was going to be airing a few days after I’d seen her post and I felt like that was a clear message  that I was indeed supposed to buy the set.  Me being the incredibly patient person that I am, I checked HSN constantly over the next few days.  As soon as I saw them, I ordered.

I realize this could have cost me a possible discount since sometimes they’ll have a small drop when a product is aired, but I wasn’t sure if these would sell out or not, so I bought them the night before.  When they came, I was surprised at just how much was actually in there.  When you read the number on the package, it’s a lot but seeing all those cute pieces in one place is overwhelming.  Where do I start?  Which cutters go first??

Being that back to school days are just around the corner (seriously, where did the summer go??), I am fairly confident that I’ll be using my school-themed cutters first.  We have a few BTS parties to attend and I’m just itching to bake again.




What I Got

Of course I ordered the shape shifter set, that was the big draw in the first place.  I’ve pinned so many of her tutorials showing how to use a different shape to make a completely new cookie.  I was always so impressed.  I think I’m crafty, but I don’t feel that I’m a whole lot creative.  I am not a thinker and therefore don’t come up with too many original ideas.  I can copy, imitate and use for inspiration but a trendsetter I will never be.

The set came with 18 cutters, 2 edgers, 40 templates, 11 instruction cards and 3 recipe cards.  Whew, that’s a lot!  But, I was not banking on the recipe tin!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to see it.  Either I overlooked it in a description or I just didn’t read in my eagerness to make my purchase.  Aside from the cutters and templates, the instructions also come in French and Spanish which I think is great.


When I was about to checkout, I saw that there was a bundle with 8 additional cutters and then another bundle (cupcake, balloon, mason jar and flower) Into the cart they went and I love them!  My son is pretty sure he’s making the baby bottles and onesies for his little brother .  I love that kid!! As much as he’s a handful (my only one to struggle with ADHD), he is such a sensitive and caring little boy.  He’s always thinking of others.  And, since he’s exhibited a newfound ability to crack eggs without getting shells into everything, he’ll be my big helper for the next batch.


Additionally, each little package from the bundles comes with templates and a card with instructions on how to use them.  They’re stapled inside so don’t accidentally throw them out!


At the end of the day, I walked away with 30 brand new cookie cutters that will work for multiple designs.  I’m going to be one busy lady.  If any of you live nearby, I’ll be doing deliveries!  I can’t eat all of these cookies alone .  I mean, I could, but…




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