Another Pattern Review??

Why yes, yes it is!  I have been steadily adding to my stash instead of minimizing it.  Yep, apparently I’m incapable of working through my fabric on hand without buying more.  I keep running into the issue of “needing” a certain print to go with a certain pattern and so on.  My latest pattern purchase was no different.  Except, this time, it was the girls who made me buy more.

*I wouldn’t normally post an incomplete project, but this one is close enough to complete.  I only need to add the bias trim to the bottom (after I even out the hem of course).  And I wasn’t sure how it would turn out so I completely overlooked construction shots.

Notice the unfinished (and uneven) hem. Need to finish this up…

The girls have a few friends that they wanted me to make dresses for.  Fine, I’m comfortable enough with a simple dress pattern to make a couple extra.  No big deal, right?  WRONG!!  I landed on the pattern I purchased (linked above) and it was not simple.  It may be easy for others, but I’m still fairly new to the game of wearables that actually look like something to leave the house in.  Also, I’d never done many of the steps in the pattern.  Such as; install an invisible zipper, make a fully lined dress, add inseam pockets, cap sleeves, etc.

IMG_7502 2

I almost gave up last night because I could not for the life of me make sense of the zipper instructions.  I’m 100% sure that it was some malfunction with my old gray matter.  So, I’m lying in bed and pick up my phone to try looking once more for instructions my simple-minded self can follow.  Boy, am I glad I did!!  I found this tutorial and it saved me from tossing the whole shebang.

Zipper works!!
Zipper works!!

The Pattern

Now, before I even started, I had a million questions to ask the designer.  Marina was incredibly helpful and answered all of them even though some steps were listed in the pattern…oops  After I started, I was so nervous.  I think I almost cried out of frustration a few times.  Like I said, a lot of these were firsts for me.  I don’t recommend biting off so much at once.

Know that this is a very involved pattern.  It is a fully lined dress and I had no idea what that entailed.  The pattern has links to several video tutorials to aid you in construction.  Marina is a complete joy to watch, her personality is so fun.  The videos are useful and without them, I wouldn’t have made it through.

Such a lady. The payoff was worth it :)
Such a lady. The payoff was worth it 🙂


In the same vein of the pattern being involved, it’s a LARGE file!  To print takes quite a lot of paper, so be prepared.  I took well over an hour just to print, cut, and piece everything.  Next came tracing the pieces onto my fabric (I tried cutting around the pinned paper pieces, no Bueno…).  This.was.the.worst.thing.ever!!!  I now know that I will take the extra time to cut the pattern out, piece it and trace onto poster board then cut again.  Yes, this adds a few steps, but I will end up with pieces that are stable.  I think I cut a few things uneven as the paper slides around quite a lot.

That being said, everything else went as quickly as it could considering my novice in the area.  I would absolutely recommend the pattern.  There were a few things I struggled with, but Marina (the pattern designer) being as helpful as she was made for a fantastic experience.

Now that I have one dress virtually completed, I’m headed off to print, piece and cut 3 more!!  Have to get those ladies fully ready to twirl their hearts out.  On that note, do you think I should add pettiskirts to the list?  Or would that make me totally insane??

This is why I love circle skirts!



2 comments on “Another Pattern Review??

  1. Hi Brandi, I just went through each page of the PiedPifer. Your projects are terrific and of course the children are cute. I love this picture of her in the turquoise dress, but of course the red shoes set it off. I have a Red board on my Pinterest, so of course this has to be pinned there. Keep up the good work, auntie.

    1. She found those shoes super cheap and wanted them so badly. When we finished the dress, she immediately knew what shoes she’d wear! I’m trying to get to your level with sewing and art, the kids just pushed it all to the back burner. Love that they can help me now and enjoy watching them develop their own artistic personalities.

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