Ruffle Bottoms everywhere!

Another week, another pattern (or two).  I’ve been busily sewing away which is why I’ve been a little on the quiet side.  We have a weekend event coming up and I have dresses, suits, ties, skirts…you get the picture.  Last year, this time, I would never have thought I’d be sewing daily, let alone making something useful. I am so thankful for all of the designers and bloggers who take the time to post videos, helpful information, tutorials, and patterns.  I’d be nowhere near where I am without them (and I still have a long way to go!).

For a while now, I’ve been jealous of every woman with a little girl.  Oh, how many cute, frilly, pink outfits I had picked out for my little bundle.  I love him to bits and pieces, but it took about a week to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be buying those adorable dresses I’d been ogling for so long.  Maybe next time…  Since I couldn’t buy those outfits, I decided I’d make some.  Rompers are a long-standing favorite of mine.  Yes, they come in boy styles.  However, the ruffles just pull me in!  I can’t even explain, but a little butt covered in ruffles just makes me smile.

I found this pattern from a new seller on Etsy.  I took a chance buying it since she had very little feedback, but her pictures were too cute and I couldn’t resist.  I made one right away and then I made plans to make more.  This pattern worked up so well and the sizing (for me) was perfect.  I had to use my little guy as a model and a barometer for how the sizing worked, so I won’t share those pictures for fear my husband will have a cardiac episode.  My next sewing round with them, I was brave and made 3 all at once.

All cut out and ready to go!

Not only did I make 3 more, I also made coordinating shoes and (have plans to make) matching hats.  I got one hat done before my other sewing commitments got in the way, but this weekend is the weekend of the hat.  They will be finished and my order will be shipped.  <–Mock determination at its finest. **The links to the shoes and hat patterns are at the bottom.  Again, this is not a sponsored post.  I shop a lot!!! and just like to share what makes me happy and what I love.  I will let you know if I’m being paid and even when I am, my opinion can’t be bought! 

The Process

Cutting!!  One of my all time favorite parts of the sewing process…not.  Okay, Okay.  I know I need to stop saying I hate every aspect of sewing.  Why would I do it if everything is such a bother??  It’s not that, really.  I just am truly NOT incredibly patient with my projects.  I’m a results-oriented person and until I get to the end, everything just seems to be an unnecessary and arduous task.  But, it’s all a process and overall, I do love it.  My excitement to see the finished product just gets in the way.

Cutting these out is actually fairly quick, though.  There aren’t a whole ton of pieces and despite doing 3 at once, it was done in about half an hour.  This is a pretty good time for me, especially since I consider myself a slow sewer(ist)??? Not sure what to call myself.  Anyhow, the cutting is just the beginning.  I really do like this pattern a lot.  But I won’t lie to you.  Those ruffles are a pain in the butt!!  I did the first manually, meaning I did a straight stitch using my longest stitch length and then pulled on the ends until the ruffle was the size I wanted.   Ummm, no thanks…  Then, I remembered (face palm) that my machine came with a gathering foot.  It’s times like that when I wonder if my brain hasn’t taken a permanent vacation.


Look at all those ruffles
Look at all those ruffles


This time around, I was smart about it and used my “fancy” foot to get this task out-of-the-way.  I will tell you, if you don’t have one, it’s worth the money!  I will never do gathers again without it.  The only problem I had, this time, was just how small gathered tulle turns out.  I’d cut my tulle for the striped romper and gathered it.  When I looked at it, I had to laugh.  It ended up about 1/3 the size I needed it!  I went back to the cutting table and cut another fabric ruffle instead.  As you can see in the pictures, the tulle didn’t make the cut.  It’s a shame too because it was such a pretty blue that would have pulled in the flowers.

Aren’t they cute?!!? So much color and ruffly goodness 🙂

Hard part done!

Sewing of the Rompers

All of the pieces to this romper lined up beautifully.  I’m pretty easy to please, and this is just one thing that makes me extremely happy.  The instructions are simple, short and easy to follow.  I struggled a little (on the first go around) with closing the legs.  Now, I read all of the directions and STILL decided to sew both legs at once.  Absolutely, do NOT do this!!!  I had to unpick everything and do it again.  The romper would not turn right side out no matter how it was manipulated.  My advice.  Pay close attention to her pictures.  It’s really not as complicated as it looks.  Once I did it the way I was directed in the pattern, I had no issues.


The elastic casing for the back of the romper is the only part I’m not in love with.  If you’re off even a little, it can completely change the way the elastic feeds through (if it even fits at all).  I recommend sewing the top ruffle just a little lower to allow space for your full inch casing.  The snaps are babyville and this was my first time.  I think they’re pretty cute and are much easier to get matched up than the metal snaps.  I’m not sure which is my favorite yet, I’ll keep you posted.




The shoe pattern is one of the best baby shoe patterns I’ve come across.  I made a size based solely on the measurement of my son’s foot and they fit like a glove!  Remember, with these shoes, you want them snug but not too tight.  If they aren’t snug, they will not stay put.  His stayed on all day and he got used to walking in them.  I would highly recommend a tread or something on the bottom since they were pretty slippery.

Next time I'll make sure the toes are rounded better.  My machine doesn't listen very well.
Next time I’ll make sure the toes are rounded better. My machine doesn’t listen very well.


This hat is one of those patterns that looks intimidating at first and then turns out to be a breeze.  The hardest part was sewing on the brim.  I’ve yet to master sewing around curves like this with no puckers.  I had a few, but nothing major.

One completed set.  Two more hats to go!
One completed set. Two more hats to go!

Do you have any big sewing projects coming up?  I’d love to know what everyone is working on.


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