McCall’s 6873 Pattern Review

So, I’m still at it with the sewing.  I have so many “obligations” (i.e. I am putting this burden on myself) to fulfill that pattern reviews seem to be all I can do at the moment.  I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and attempted a commercial pattern rather than a PDF from many of my favorite Etsy sellers.  I have to say, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed.  

I guess I’ve become accustomed to the ease with which I can work with a printed pattern.  The tissue paper almost made me lose it!  I can’t imagine cutting the whole thing out using that paper, it’s so fiddly and moves everywhere.  Fortunately I bought the downloadable pattern too (I only bought the actual pattern because it was $1.99) so I just printed everything out on cardstock and it made the cutting soooo much easier!

All Cut and taped.

The Pattern

I chose the McCall’s pattern because it’s beyond adorable.  I love babies in suits, ties, vest, anything that makes them look like dapper little guys.  This seemed to be the perfect pattern for me to cut my teeth on.  I found it online after signing up to receive the emails from the big 4 and it was on sale, so I jumped at it.


The Good

I really do love how it looks all finished.  The pieces were clearly labeled as well which is always appreciated.  I like that there’s also a good range in the sizing.  I can still make this again if I chose to and it would likely get me close to his 2 year age mark.  You can’t beat that, so he’ll have a few in different prints/colors and fabric combos.




The Bad

The sizing…  I mean, really?  I couldn’t believe that there were NO measurements to use for a
guideline, nor an age suggestion.  It’s literally NB-XL.  This may be an industry standard, I don’t know since this is my first time.  However, this did disappoint me.  I ended up reading a few other reviews and just guessing based off of theirs.  In the end, I cut a M.  The size fit well, but doesn’t allow much room for growth.

If I had decided to cut the large, I feel that the shorts would have fallen off!  The shorts (if you can notice in the pictures) are ginormous!!!  They are pretty wide.  When I make this again, I’ll be sure to take them in at the sides or make a smaller size altogether.  Also, I’m so used to the patterns I buy from independent designers.  They usually have some suggestion on (or at least mention of) seam finishes.  I was genuinely shocked to find NONE in this pattern.  Again, I’m not sure what to expect as I have nothing to compare it to at the moment.


My daughter chose and folded the square.  *If you use regular cotton some folds won't work.
My daughter chose and folded the square. *If you use regular cotton some folds won’t work.

The Ugly

Those sleeves.  Apparently, this is normal with a sewing pattern, to include up to an extra 2 inches for ease.  But, what’s to be done with all of that extra fabric?  I had no idea how to ease in a sleeve and didn’t have the patience to figure it out.  Then came the collar.  I couldn’t make it work, so I ended up guessing at the construction.  It worked, miraculously, but it wasn’t pleasant.

What I Changed/Will Change

Number one was the sleeves.  I ended up cutting the NB size for his sleeves and still had too much ease at the sleeve head.  So, I worked it in as best I could and left it as it was.

I hemmed the shorts a little differently.  I just did what made sense to me and didn’t really measure since I wanted a certain length.

Otherwise, I didn’t stray too far from the pattern.  Next time I will practice the collar a bit and try to get a hang of the sleeve situation.  Will I make this again?  I will most likely be re-visiting this pattern.  I will make the small changes listed and hope for a better experience the next time around.  It wasn’t completely heinous, but it wasn’t the best experience.  I think Etsy and the seller’s sewing patterns have spoiled me.

Whew!  Got it all cut out :)
Whew! Got it all cut out 🙂

What’s your least favorite sewing task?  I’m torn between gathering and cutting out.  Who knew it would take an eternity to cut out those pieces.  Then you have to cut them again from fabric??  It’s a wonder anyone toughs it out.

Plus, the results are usually well worth the headahce!
Plus, the results are usually well worth the headahce!


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