On the Cutting Floor This Week

I can’t even believe that it’s been 3 weeks already!  Where is December going?  It’s always amazing to me how quickly time passes when you’re actually doing something.  I’ve spent far too much time loafing around under the guise of “being with the baby”, but those days are behind me now.  Keeping busy has been my attempt to grasp sanity for this past few weeks.  Have you ever felt yourself slowly slipping away?  Well, that was me a bit ago, except it wasn’t all that slow.  The best thing for me to do was to get my hands moving and do something to keep my mind from doing what it does best.

So, we’re here at week 3 (I cheated with my days so you’ll  get an extra review 😉 ) of my month in reviews, and so far, I have kept my word about not buying any more fabric.  These pajamas were made from my STASH!!!  Holy smokes!  I purchased a lot of fleece last year.  I still have so much to work through.  There’s a cabinet taller than me in the garage, 5 baskets full of fabric, one bin, my floor and my cutting table…I think I need help.  *My husband’s aunt who lives in Malawi just gifted me 5 prints with about 2 yards each.  Enabling is not the kind of help I need right now, but so appreciated   In addition to working my way through the insipid amount of fabric I own, I’ll be organizing my room as well.  Hopefully, I’ll get some before and after pictures for you 🙂  I’m really excited about getting started on the re-do!

This one is for pajamas, yet again.  I have a soft spot for pj’s and cuddly things.  BUT, this time, the cuddle factor almost killed me!  Fleece, although a suggested fabric for the pattern, is not the best choice.  It got incredibly difficult to sew this after so many layers.  Okay, okay, I got a little off track there.  Reeling it in for you, so here’s my 2 cents on this week’s pattern.  It’s by McCall’s (M7041) and I purchased it when it was on sale.  I paid a whole $1.99 for it!  I’ve got to slow down or I’ll burn through my whole budget.

What I made

Pattern Description:

The pattern is for girls pajamas.  There are 3 options/views for the top and 2 options for the bottoms.

Pattern Sizing:

Children’s sizes 7-14.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing it?

Yes and no.  The sizes seemed to run a little small so fit-wise it didn’t look the same.  As far as structure, yes, they looked the same.

My girls like a snug fit for hoodies, but this is a little tighter than I’d like.
Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes!!  I was surprised.  After my first attempt at making a commercial pattern, I was left dazed and confused when it came to a few steps.  There were no surprises here.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

The good is that it was easy as stated on the envelope.  The bad were the lines for cutting.  I felt that it wasn’t clear where I was supposed to be cutting at times and I ended up having issues cutting out the shorts.  *ahem, the color-blocking was not intentional…had to use what fabric I had left.  Somewhere in between, the measurements just didn’t seem to be super accurate.  I measured my girls and settled on their sizes, but these came out smaller than I wanted.  I’m assuming the loft of the fleece contributed to them seeming on the small end, but I’m not sure.  I even tried the size 8 on my small 7 year old and it fit him perfectly, if not a little short.

Fabric used:

I kind of tapped into this question above.  I used fleece for these because my girls had their fabric picked out for a while.  As I said, I feel that fleece (unless it’s sweatshirt fleece) was just too heavy for this pattern.  There were far too many overlapping seams to make it come together easily.  With that in mind, I’d recommend using a walking foot if you opt for fleece.  I also used the triple stitch option on my machine to add a little durability.

Pattern alterations or any design changes that you made:

My youngest daughter is not really big into ruffles, so we opted to just make a flat band like the sleeves and waist for the legs of the shorts.

Would you sew it again?  Would you recommend it to others?

I always so “no” just because the whole cutting out the pattern process is still so fresh in my mind.  However, after seeing them finished and knowing my girls love them (they haven’t taken them off and even wore them out for an errand), I’d likely make them again using a different fabric.

Yes, I would recommend it to someone else.


It’s a fairly simple pattern to make.  If you’re new to sewing, don’t be afraid of it, just know that there are a lot of steps and pieces.  This is not problematic and as long as you take your time, you’ll do great!  Just remember, DON’T USE FLEECE!!!  It’s a bear to sew in this project.  Overall, I love the versatility the pattern offers and can see myself making my girls a wardrobe of pajamas for the cooler weather.

That’s that.  Come back next week for another review.  Weigh in while you have time!  What should I make?  Another toy, clothes, a bag??  I’m dying to see what you think 🙂

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