Baby Keepsake Kit D.I.Y.

I recently had the privilege of using Uliel’s “My Baby’s First Memories” keepsake set.  I’m not really an artistic person and have never been much of a fan of scrapbooking.  It always seems that no matter how hard I try to make one look interesting or random, I fail.  I’m the person who inevitably puts a pattern into EVERYTHING whether intentional or not.  So,  I really appreciated having one that was done for me and all I needed to do was add my photos, words or embellishments.  I still did the bare minimum, but I’ll be able to add to it as I go.

PLUS!!  The pages already have these cute drawings/illustrations on them.  You can choose placement and photo size.  There are also pages that have it set up to add a few wallet-sized images.  It helps stir my creativity because my brain is fried most days now.

Unwrapping my Kit

When I opened the box, I was surprised at how much was in there!  The girls were with me (any time a package arrives, I have an audience) and they were making plans for every item I pulled out.  In the end, I did enlist their help, but they’re going to finish the book for me.  They’ll have a much easier time with the artistic aspect.  I never know what to draw, angles, etc.  I seriously over think everything.

Sooo, the box itself was adorable.  I’m a huge fan of the woodland animals and there was an owl front and center 🙂  I know that doesn’t matter, it just made me smile.  But, as far as the kit itself, there’s hardware for hanging items, extra little “pockets” for photos, the most adorable rainbow clothespins, a hand print (or footprint) air-dry clay, a “photo” box, the book, etc.

Me hanging the pockets for the pictures. I just wanted the extra color.

I underestimated how much fun it would be to go back and look through my pictures.  I so miss Ethan being little, so it’s a great way to reminisce.  Being a mom, though, it makes me a little sad too.  How does the time go by so quickly?!!?  It just doesn’t seem fair!  That’s why I love this idea.  It helped remind me to just take our days moment by moment and enjoy my “babies”.  I know I’ll go back and tweak my decisions, change photos,  and so on.


Making New Memories

Okay, since I got my set when the baby wasn’t little, I had to do my best to get a good print.  I’m happy with the one I got and considering how “helpful” (so sorry about all of the air quotes today, I’m in a sarcastic kind of mood ) he was being, it’s a wonder I got one at all.  He wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a very deep impression, but it’ll work.  As you can see, he got curious and we had to start over.  I love that it was clay and not the plaster like the original kit I had.  I was able to re-shape, roll it out and start again.  To get the shape, I just used the top of a cake plate to flatten it until I was happy with the thickness.  You should let the clay dry for a few days and then I’d imagine you can paint it if desired.  Since I haven’t decided on a theme, let alone colors, for the boy’s room, I left it white.

I printed off a few pictures in different sizes.  The front picture for the book is supposed to be 6×4 inches.  I didn’t have any photo paper in this size, so I used a 5×7 and trimmed it.  Same with the picture I used for the frame box.  It calls for an 8×8, so I used an 8×11, trimmed.  Just be sure to use a picture that has detail to lose at the bottom, top, and sides.

Deciding which photos to print was the hardest part!  I have far too many pictures of my youngest, and it seriously makes me look a little biased…hopefully the other kids don’t notice 🙂  I hung some of my favorite memories, not necessarily my favorite images.  And then I had to choose which color frame and pins to use.  Ugh!!!  Such a hardship…just kidding, but if you knew me, decision-making is not my strong suit.  Here are some of the other colors the kit came with:

The girls aren’t left out, lots of bright colors to choose.


My favorite part!!

I think it’s strange how much I REALLY love the photo box!  At first I was kind of thinking, “Why would I want a cardboard box to keep photos in ??”  But, after looking at it longer, thinking about it (and realizing there was a stand on the back…Yay for reading!!), I realized I loved the idea.  For one, I’d never leave it down where anyone could reach it and if it’s up on a shelf or the top of a dresser, you’ll never see that it’s a box.  The stand also makes it easy to kick it back to look more like an actual frame.  I don’t have to worry about someone breaking it and scratching the picture inside (this has happened, not so great when I can’t print the photo again… 🙁 ).  AND, I can store extra photos inside the box to change them out as I feel like it.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my kit.  It was easy, fun and got the kids involved.  I did like that the book wasn’t just for the baby phase.  There are pages through the toddler years for even more photo ops! You can buy yours here and save 15%.

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  1. Adorable! And I don’t want to hear you say, “I’m not a creative person” ever again! This is something I wish we had done with the kids…I mean, you know me…I take…thousands upon thousands of pictures…but other than a frame for their sonogram, we never did stuff like this. Ideally, my house would be littered with this kind of stuff…but the idea of trying to make that happen feels overwhelming. LOL.

    1. Okay, maybe I just don’t FEEL creative. My girls run circles around me with their drawing and craftiness, I’m so proud of them! 🙂 But, just doing the projects, you’d be amazed how quickly it adds up. The memories are lasting and with you photo-documenting everything, they’d be forever.

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