About Me

Welcome to The Pied Pifer!

I love having visitors!  Virtually, or in person.  My blog is one that is family oriented and focuses on family life.  I work hard to be lighthearted and helpful where possible.  The posts here are intended for anyone looking to add some fun and quality family time into their lives.

I want to share my passion for all things pretty, colorful and bright with anyone who wants to read it.  My goal is simple: Draw you in and pull you out of yourself, even if just for a little while.  I’m talking to you!  The mom who’s ready for a nap before 10 a.m.  Sometimes spending more time with the little people demanding all of us, is just what the doctor ordered.

As a mother of 5 busy, perpetually moving kids, this blog is my down time.  I spend most of my days thinking about my children.  The Pied Pifer is an extension of that.  Writing enables me to recollect the crazy times and all of the moments that make me happy.  Choosing motherhood as a career and teaching our children at home frees up a lot of time for creative thinking.  The kids are all too happy to think up the “next big thing” when it comes to crafting (though they’ve yet to do so) and what they’ll do with their time  next.  My job is to be their enabler.

That being said…The Pied Pifer has been started as a jumping off point for creative outlets for my children.  My girls have been after me for some time to have a blog or a YouTube channel.  I decided to start easy and work our way up.  They are my bosses and are allowed to dictate what content and design elements will be present in this blog.  While I focus primarily on D.I.Y. and craft-related topics, I will be posting about various things.  This blog is about life and doing our best to live it, celebrate it and enjoy the simple things.

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